It’s here!

That’s right, folks! The Mismikado Creations website has finally launched!

I’m so happy about this I want to throw a party of something 🙂


Our Wedding Website

So it’s official! I have created our wedding website…

Please go check it out at and tell me what you think.

The story behind the url is that before my friends met Luke they couldn’t understand why I was dating a guy 500 miles away when I could have any guy I wanted in my area (I’m not saying that in a narcicistic way… that’s just what they told me). And I kept trying to explain that I loved Luke so much b/c he got me in a way no one else ever had.

Well when he finally braved it up enough to come visit me in the valley, everyone finally got to meet him. Well after, one of my very close girlfriends told me she could now never picture me with anyone else, I’d be bored with anyone else. She said “It’s like you guys are in your own little world and no one else knows what’s going on or understands what your talking about.”

Luke never forgets that line and therefore it inspired what I thought would be the perfect name for us.