Tuesday Link Love

If you’ve checked out the Link Love page on my website, then you already know how much I love me some wedding blogs and I want to periodically and randomly start sharing with you some of the links that inspire me on any given day 🙂

This adorable card is giving me the warm fuzzies 🙂

{Oh So Beautiful Paper}

I want these lights in an awkwardly addictive way O_O

{Erin Ever After}

What a easy and beautiful diy centerpiece… so fresh and springy 🙂

{Elizabeth Anne Designs}

I want to create a space like this!


Such a simple way to spruce up an invitation suite…

{The Perpetual Party Planner}


Another thing scratched off

After much thrifting and antiquing and wrapping and waiting… we have finally epoxied all the cake stands together…

Remember these repurposed cake stands we had decided to make to hold all the Mexican Wedding Cookies we will be serving for dessert.

Well once we started thinking about how we’d need a minimum of 800 cookies for everyone we realized there was no way 3 stands would suffice. So while Luke was here we picked up more glassware and finally put it all together the other night….

{don’t you love my grandpa’s retro dining room}

So that’s 5 gorgeous cut glass cake stands (the tall one in the back is so pretty, I wish I had better pictures) and 6 trays. And guess how much it all was… 🙂

Well with the epoxy we came out to under $30 for everything. Not too shabby considering I saw one small vintage cake stand at an antique market for $22.

so it’s been a crazy week…

Well Luke came in on last Thursday morning and it was very glorious to have him here (he’ll be staying through saturday and is currently reading as I type over my shoulder)… we worked on invitations and spent time with the family.

But then something really awful happened… my great-grandmother passed away during an anxiety attack (the doctor said that her brain just stopped telling her lungs how to breathe) on Monday at 3:15. It has been very surreal and a roller coaster of emotions. Luke has finally gotten to meet the whole family but not on the best conditions. We are making a trip to Mexico tomorrow to visit her relatives there. It’s just been a really rough time for the whole family.

I’ve been trying to cope with all of this. I am happy  she is no longer suffering… it’s just really weird not having her here w/ us. We were just with her making invitations on Saturday.

So I’m sorry if I am quiet for a bit… I’ll try to check in with updates… on being what my mom and aunt gave me to remember ama… it’s wedding related…

I will leave you all with a decoration idea I thought was really cute…

this lamp was featured in an Ampartment Therapy cheap diy but I thought you could make a closer version to the original using these at $50 for 5 yards

Recycled Chandelier Update

So I just wanted to let you all know that we figured out exactly how we are going to light our recycled chandeliers.

Originally I was planning on stringing a bunch of throwies together but when we started contemplating selling a couple of them after the wedding, we thought we needed a more permanent lighting fixture. So after much consultation w/ my electrician father and a brief tutorial from him, we have our lighting kit.

hint, hint…

we’re using a modified version of these…

I will be putting together the a few of these chandeliers this weekend so stay tune for a diy tutorial.

Anyone else have a fun diy project in the works?

Recycled Chandeliers

Paper Cuts…

No not the awful kind that hurt so much for no apparent reason since they are so tiny and all… I’m talking about actually cutting paper. I know others like The Budget Savvy Bride have talked about how it’s totally worth going to some place like Kinko’s to get your paper cut for diy invitations.

Well I’m very fortunate for working where I do b/c we have an industrial paper cutter. And (with permission of course) I was able to cut all our paper down to invitation making size. I swear this saved me probably 5 hrs of cutting by hand.


So I now have 200 Black linen cover stock pieces, 360 liner pieces, 270 reception card pieces, and another 140 larger black cover stock pieces for misc… looks like I might need more white liner but that can get bought at walmart for 3 bucks so no worries 🙂


So I’ve made a sample invitation 🙂 What do you think?


There’s a few things I want to change… like making sure my name fits completely to where it can be seen when you first open the envelope… the reception card will be slipped into the inside ribbon…

I’ll save the cost breakdown for later but all in all, the invites will cost about $.28 each. Pretty awesome!

Did you find any cost savings for your invitations?

Convincing My Mom :)

So all through out this wedding planning it seems like I have had to “sell” my ideas on my mom. I’d come up with this incredible must have idea and then I would have to talk it up and talk it up and talk it up some more. Then I’d have to research and find photographic evidence and in some cases make a sample for her to be convinced and fall for my idea as much if not more than I had.

Well from the beginning she was not going for my mix fake and real flowers idea. But I plugged along even when she snubbed her nose at my awesome bridesmaid blooms… and today when i was selecting stems at Micheal’s 40% off fall stems sale, she was not convinced. And I had my first semi bridezilla moment in front of two of my bridesmaids.

I tried to remain calm, and said “Yes, I’m being anal about the flowers but I know what I want for the boutonnières and I am buying these.”

So when i got home I put together a sample Bout minus the fresh mini sunflower (which will be placed in the back) and she was convinced.

sorry for the sideways pic :-/

sorry for the sideways pic :-/

I’m a pretty good floral arranger, no? So I will be trimming my bundles to size and clustering but the wrapping will be saved for once the sunflowers are added… I gotta make at least 20 of these babies….

What did your boutonnières look like? Send pics for inspiration 🙂