Booking the Baker: Honey’s Cakes

It’s official we have booked our wedding cake! 🙂

And as you probably guessed from my raving review… we went with Honey’s Cakes by Nancy Cortez

And I present to you the sketch of our beautiful cake design…

If you notice there are a few minor changes to the overall design. For instance we have decided to go with a 4-tier 140 pcs wedding cake. Therefore we have removed the tier with the bow. It will consist of a top 6″ tier of banana and cream cheese filling, followed by 8″ and 10″ tiers of Italian creme and raspberry mousse and the bottom 14″ tier with the ever delicious and amazing banana and cream cheese 🙂 I am dying to eat more of this cake!

Our groom’s cake will follow the original design except at the 80 pcs size and will be Luke’s favorite of chocolate with fresh strawberries and creme.

We will also have 2 matching sheet cakes one in the chocolate and strawberries & creme and the other in mandarin and pineapples & creme (that one’s for mom).

In total we got 420 pcs and could increase by another sheet cake once rsvp’s have come in…

And the grand total…


at $1.90 a slice I’m happy b/c Nancy’s buttercream frosting is TO DIE FOR!!!


Cake and a dandy little topper

So we went on 3 cake tastings yesterday. 2 were automatically out b/c their cake was not yummy and they weren’t comfortable making the style of cake we were wanting. But then we fell in love…

I give you….

Honey’s Cakes by Nancy Cortez

Her butter cream frosting was amazing! It was so light and delicious… and all her flavors were to scrumdidily umptious 🙂

Plus she can design like nobody’s business. She spent and hour and a half with us design an amazing 5 tier wedding cake that was a hybrid between these cakes….

We picked two tiers of banana and creme cheese, two of italian creme with raspberry mousse, and one with mandarin and pineapple filling for mom 🙂

Then we selected a grooms cake featuring chocolate with strawberries and creme that looks like the bottom two tiers of this one…

Add in two sheet cakes that will match each cake in design and flavor and we have all our cake for $900 with tax and delivery. We are so happy but we do have one more tasting on the 27th. At that point we will decide between the two and book before March.

Plus we finally found and bought our cake topper!

I was parousing through the premiere issue of Get Married magazine when I saw these adorable lovelies…


Not only were they only $16 but they are salt & pepper shakers so they don’t even count as a wedding expense since we will use them at home later. Score! And if they are too noticable, I can always cover the holes with a little veil and top hat 😀

What cake finds have you guys had?

Day 9: Miss Erika’s Giveaway

I can’t believe I waited all day to post this one :-/

It’s been so crazy! I was at a funeral last night and our office was broken into over the weekend and our main computer was stolen so it was a crazy crazy insane day. But you know what’s really great when things are going awful and depressing?…



And you know what else is great?…


so that’s why tonight I bring you…

of course my favorite of her collection are these gorgeous sunflower gum paste cake embellishments…

Can you imagine the possibilities in cake decorating… it’s like making a diy wedding cake a breeze!

Well Erika has so kindly offered you dear readers a great batch of edible flowers for your own cake.

{photos property of Miss Erika’s}

These 12 Sugar Diamante Flowers will match anyone’s cake vision. So to win them run over to Miss Erika’s shop and tell me here what embellishments you would use in decorating your own wedding cake 🙂

I’ll let this run until next Monday night to make up for the delayed posting…

And as always feel free to tweet @mismikado or blog for more entries!


No not cat 🙂 But cake! Gato is the Arabic word for cake and I have found some purrty pics of cake on flickr.

Check out these lovely creations by Andrea Sullivan of Ontario, Canada based Andrea’s Sweet Cakes.

Calla Lily Wedding Cake

Calla Lily Wedding Cake

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

And of course my favorite 🙂

Cascading Flowers

Cascading Flowers

mmm I want cake! And congrats to Andrea for being selected as an instructor at the 2010 NY Cake Convention!

Amazing Cake Book

Buy it on Amazon for $37.80

Buy it on Amazon for $37.80

Got this book last week from the library and it is incredible! Not only does it have tons of photos of beautiful cakes… but it has the complete instructions for making them. I’m in awe! Can’t wait to get some copies made of my faves…

On another not I ran up to A.C. Moore tonight and picked a pack of 60 sheets of 12×12 linen cardstock. I had a 50% off coupon so it only cost me $9.99. That means I have the base paper for 120 of my invitations. I’m printing out another coupon now and running up there tomorrow to get the other pack. That means I’m $20 under-budget for that. Everything has been coming in under-budget. So awesome!

Remaining Budget: $4,448.24