Life & Blog Update

{It’s Written on the Wall}

As you can tell, It’s been fairly quiet over hear :-/ I’m so sorry to all my loyal readers and I hope you don’t give up on me yet. The thing is it’s amazing how life changes like getting married can affect you. In the last 3 month, my personal focus has shifted to things more related to marriage and home life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love weddings and wedding blogs and wedding inspiration and everything else that weddings entail. BUT… I’ve needed a bit of a break to focus on the more important topic at hand of our life as a married couple and preparing for our future as a family.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in the increased number of general life posts instead of wedding related posts. Since I want to keep this blog focused on budget wedding ideas and general wedding inspiration, I saw the need for a new blog.

Therefore I’d like to introduce Mismikado Down the Sidewalk. I want to acknowledge that not all my readers here will be interested in the Sidewalk but you are always welcome to come check it out. It’s going to be focused on my day to day life as a new wife and someday future mom. I will be sharing recipe and dinner tips, craft projects and home decor ideas, and updates on our spiritual activities as a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It will also have a strong section of posts catered towards homeschooling, natural birth and parenting topics, and the things I’m learning about the Montessori method of education and lifestyle. Even though Luke & I have no plans for children for another 5 years, as you’ve seen in this blog, I am a planner and since I want to develop my own homeschool curriculum taking the bests of everything and combining them, I’m starting on preparing myself now.

Another project underway is 365 Reasons Why I Love You More. Check out the about page to learn more about it’s birth and mission.

I’m planning on getting back into updating this regularly so stay tuned as the wedding recaps begin.

Thanks for sticking by me all this time and I look forward to sharing these next steps through life with all of you 🙂


The Honeymoon: Getting away on the cheap

So we’re married and we’re back from our honeymoon and it was FANTABULOUS!!!!

So now I am ready to share all the details on how we saved a ton of money while have a dream honeymoon. This should keep us busy while I wait for some pro pics of the wedding 🙂


When we began planning our honeymoon we knew we wanted a tropical destination in the Caribbean, Central or South America. We could only be gone a few days because of the Dallas move and Luke’s work schedule. Our budget? $1200 for flights & hotel with extra spending on food and excursions.

We started by using sites like Airbnb and Vacation Rentals by Owner to find inexpensive lodging. Unfortunately, the airfare to a lot of our favorite picks was around $600 a person O_O So it was back to the drawing boards.

Around the same time, one of my co-workers was needing to plan his honeymoon in a hurry. So as an office, everyone took off a Friday and transformed ourselves into travel agents. One of the girls, mentioned going to someplace in Mexico and flying domestic. Since we all lived 30 mins from the Reynosa, Mexico airport and only 1.5 hrs from Monterrey, we could easily save hundreds by crossing the border by car and driving to the airport instead of flying international.

That’s when our manager recommended Viva Aerobus as the airline of choice.

Basically Viva Aerobus is the Southwest of Mexico and is a great airline with amazing fares. All in all we only spent $240 on our round trip tickets for the both of us to Veracruz from the Reynosa airport. That included taxes and insurance 🙂

Also since we booked 5 months in advance, we were able to find a resort that was having 30% off special. Can you say amazing King Suite for $80 a night? Oh Yeah! And let me say the Fiesta American Veracruz was one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed at. Great pools! Great restaurants! Great room service. Great housekeeping! Great staff! Great views!

Our uber comfy king size bed

The foyer all the rooms are built around... it was like stepping into a tropical rain forest whenever you walked out your door

A view from our balcony... by turning 90 degrees we could also see the beach and ocean

When it was all said and done we spent about $1300 on everything… including taxi rides, an amazing trip to the ruins, food, drinks, and other day trips.

What we loved most about Veracruz was the laid back friendliness of everyone. While it’s not a popular American tourist destination, Veracruz is top among Mexican vacationers. Plus it’s possibly one of the most important cities in both Mexican and American history. I’ll totally share the details on that as I recount our trip.

What ways have you found to travel on the cheap?

I’m ready to come clean…

Seeing as how I just got my first negative comment (yes it got to me) concerning my recent lack of inspiring posts I want to come clean on the several reasons why I’ve been so quiet on personal stuff…


{inspired by the lovely title banners on I Love You Much}

How so?

1. The obvious reason being that the wedding is in 16 days! Yes SIXTEEN! And there still is a buttload to do so I’m a little frazzled and trying to hunker down on crunch time.

2. Finals consumed my life for a couple of weeks. As my last batch of finals ever I had a few mind bottling projects that needed to leave a major wow factor. So I was freaked out and trying to kick some college booty.

4. I haven’t been working all month so finances are getting “tight” and that of course gets me down 😦

3. This one is going to reveal that BIG NEWS I keep referencing…


Or trying to at least… and are dealing with all the stresses there in… And let me tell you it’s be stressful… I kept hoping to tell you all and show you pics and my plans as soon as we closed… That was suppose to happen on April 30th. 13 days later and still no closure, hopefully by Friday but that’s been said every Friday. All I can say is Mortgage People SUCK! And our particular lady is a humongo MORON who doesn’t know how to file a single thing! (Expect a scathing review once this is all said and done)

4. This was possibly the biggest stress of all: Last Thursday Luke lost his job O_O

Can you talk about perfect timing? You know it’s not like our wedding was right around the corner and we were anticipating the signing of closing paper on a house and the writing of that big ole down payment check. I am proud to say I did not cry 🙂

And I’m only telling you this now because Luke started his new job today. Yes, my amazing honey had the incredible fortune to only be unemployed for 3 whole days! And his new job is fantastic! Way better pay, great schedule (he’s home by mid-afternoon), 45 hours a week equals overtime pay 🙂 So guess what? I don’t have to stress about finding a job. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to work… I didn’t go to school for nothing… but I don’t HAVE to work. My working is fully by choice and that income will be 100% for rainy day funds! I LOVE having rainy day funds! Especially when we have that ever wonderful home remodeling project staring us in the face. And can I say having some time to work on the house before going to work is a major stress relief.

So thanks for being patient with me folks while I get through these coming few weeks. And I promise you I have some big and exciting plans for this blog in store for you all. Plus of course I have craft updates backlogged from like February and the ever wonderful wedding recaps. So I love you all and I hope you can help see me through to this wedding and send your happy thoughts my way.


Thanks All!

The Tale of The Marriage License

In addition to hauling up 90% of my possessions to Dallas this past weekend, I attended a beautiful wedding of some lifelong friends, and Luke and I got our marriage license on Monday.

Dallas County is really cool because it has several clerk offices for convenience and they automate most everything. We arrived early and logged our info into the computer to receive our application number and waited to approach the appropriate clerk.

I love that you can see the couple who ended up in line behind us filling out their marriage application in the background 🙂

All in all the process took less than 10 mins and we have our beautiful Marriage License good for 30 days 🙂

But that doesn’t end the story… oh no… did you happen to notice the name of the deputy clerk who signed our license?

Here’s a closer look…

That’s right… Joy Loveless will forever be the name inscribed on our marriage license and I think that is so freakin’ cool! I noticed her name sign first and had to nonchalantly steer Luke’s attention to that direction. When he saw it, I thought he was seriously going to lose it because his eyes got so huge and he literally had to suppress a laugh.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ms. Loveless was a nice enough lady but upon seeing her name, I can honestly say only one image burst into my mind…


Turns out though Joy is a pretty cool lady with just a very ironic name. So thanks to you Ms. Loveless for helping me and my honey get one step closer to being husband and wife. I can honestly say that without you it wouldn’t be possible! 🙂

The ever great Mrs. Joy Loveless - Spreading love and cheer through out Dallas County since 1994


A Real Wedding: Chris & Adriana’s Sneak Peek

You guys might remember Adriana from the photos I took at her shower. Well last night her and her fiance Chris were officially married. It was a beautiful affair and I was so honored to take all the photos.

All in all I got 1,776 shots (800 being good quality) so now I’ve begun the wonder process of editing. Well after a whole Saturday afternoon I’ve edited 15 shots into 44 with various effects, so here is a little sneak peek of some of my favorites 🙂

The beautiful Allure dress

A bouquet of roses

her dad and brother sported some cool shades to escort us 🙂

"We're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."

I feel like this belongs in a magazine... lol

end of the night snuggle

wrapped in tulle

The first kiss: I love their expressions right before their first kiss as husband and wife 🙂

Stay tuned for a link to the full album 🙂 And I can’t resist a self-serving plug 🙂 If you have any occasion you’d like me to shoot you can just contact me via any of the sidebar methods.

Special Feature: A Reel Proposal – Bobby & Dam

And no that is not a typo 😉

So I’ve been excited to post this feature all last week but of course had to wait for the groom-to-be to actually pop the question… Bobby is a co-worker of mine and I have to say I greatly enjoyed being an outsider looking in on his giddy (yes, he was giddy…lol) excitement leading up to the big moment.

Now I’ll leave the rest to his explanation…

So, I was breaking my head trying to come up with something for Damaris that was awesome but at the same time very…me.  I looked up proposal ideas and asked people but nothing ever seemed right.
I can tell you right now that Damaris is not your traditional girl.  Thats what made it a blast though.  She loves action, she loves zombies, she loves romance, she loves The Beatles (thats what I was going for with the song and retro look of the video) and she loves comedy.  I took her to the spot we had our first date and played this video on my macbook.  When it got to the part “Will you be my bride?” I was on one knee with the ring.
The look on her face was classic!  She was so shocked!  She had no idea.  We were supposed to be on our way to an anniversary.  She told me afterwards that she loved how I tailored the video to the things she loves.  She was dying to show everyone.  Oh and she said “Yes of course!”
P.S.  I also wore The Beatles looking jacket I wore the first night I told her how I felt about her.

And here’s the video and song he created to propose…

How could anyone say no to that? 🙂

Admission is the first step

I have a problem.

I am an Ostrich.

Picture 3{source}

Yes you heard me correctly. An Ostrich.

Whenever something is going to happen that I know will stress me out or has stressed me out I get this dreadful sense of impending doom. This is not to say that I feel doomed towards marriage 🙂 it’s more a pit of the stomach feeling that all my marvelous plans for the wedding are going to be botched b/c I will not have time to complete them.

We only have 7 months people. 7 MONTHS!!!!

I’m freaking out now. No lie! This is freak out mode now :-/

So here’s where the ostrich me takes over. And I throw my head into the sand and say it’s not happening, I have more time. I’m not thinking about anything that has to do with this b/c then it can’t happen and I can’t stress. Therefore why I’ve been so “quiet” this week.

Juvenile? Yes. It’s very reminiscent of the “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” mantra of elementary playgrounds.

But this is not something new. I did this when we moved back to TX. I seriously refused to even acknowledge the move by packing until 2 weeks before we had to leave. It took my mom cancelling my entire social/secular life to get me to face the reality.

I’m currently doing this with my college classes by ignoring the fact that I actually have to submit work with in deadlines. :-/

I know it’s bad. I know I need to get over this. But at least I’m admitting it people!

On my home desk I have this coaster Luke picked up for me at Club DaDa in Deep Ellum.

IMG_0001I got that warm fuzzy freshly baked cookies feeling when I opened the mail and found this. Isn’t he so sweet? 🙂

And what I like best about this illustration is the other side…

IMGThere can be a view on the other side of the sand hole! 🙂

So here’s to me getting over these issues by maybe not stopping the sand-head plunging but rising above the view and still moving forward in face of the freak-out worthy direction. If that makes any sense 🙂