Life & Blog Update

{It’s Written on the Wall}

As you can tell, It’s been fairly quiet over hear :-/ I’m so sorry to all my loyal readers and I hope you don’t give up on me yet. The thing is it’s amazing how life changes like getting married can affect you. In the last 3 month, my personal focus has shifted to things more related to marriage and home life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love weddings and wedding blogs and wedding inspiration and everything else that weddings entail. BUT… I’ve needed a bit of a break to focus on the more important topic at hand of our life as a married couple and preparing for our future as a family.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in the increased number of general life posts instead of wedding related posts. Since I want to keep this blog focused on budget wedding ideas and general wedding inspiration, I saw the need for a new blog.

Therefore I’d like to introduce Mismikado Down the Sidewalk. I want to acknowledge that not all my readers here will be interested in the Sidewalk but you are always welcome to come check it out. It’s going to be focused on my day to day life as a new wife and someday future mom. I will be sharing recipe and dinner tips, craft projects and home decor ideas, and updates on our spiritual activities as a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It will also have a strong section of posts catered towards homeschooling, natural birth and parenting topics, and the things I’m learning about the Montessori method of education and lifestyle. Even though Luke & I have no plans for children for another 5 years, as you’ve seen in this blog, I am a planner and since I want to develop my own homeschool curriculum taking the bests of everything and combining them, I’m starting on preparing myself now.

Another project underway is 365 Reasons Why I Love You More. Check out the about page to learn more about it’s birth and mission.

I’m planning on getting back into updating this regularly so stay tuned as the wedding recaps begin.

Thanks for sticking by me all this time and I look forward to sharing these next steps through life with all of you 🙂


Can you guess what I did today?

Yes that is my wedding dress? And this isn’t the end of it’s life yet 🙂 I’m planning on making a cool party top and a wall art installation out of it!

Stay tune for the project updates and the TTD session photos 🙂

What have you all done to renew the life of your wedding dress?

Recent Project: Custom Invitation Suite

I had the recent pleasure to work on the invitation suite for amazing San Fransisco wedding photographers Natasha & Mike of Choco Studio.

Natasha wanted something that emulated the beautiful work of Kari Dyas‘s wonderful vintage book invitation suite. I know you guys remember these…


So this is what I put together for them…

So what do you all think?

The Wedding Sign

Despite being in the sign business and having a dad who owns a sign business, Luke was the one who made this incredibly lovely sign for the entrance of our wedding venue. It’s going to be mounted inside a 3’x7′ wooden sign frame already at the entrance.

Didn’t he do a fantastic job? Maybe I’ll get him to post a diy tutorial after the big day… Whose up for a welding project? 😛