Sponsored Post: Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing by David Pearce

A while back I was approached by David Pearce of Oliver Cameron Publishing about reviewing a copy of his new book Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing. Let me just say this is one of the most amazing photography books I have ever picked up!

If you are a photographer than you must have it in your arsenal because it has some amazing tips and techniques for creating beautiful poses and all of them come with photographic proof of the results. And for only $23.95 including shipping this is an absolute steal. You will have hundreds of inspiration photos right at your finger tips to look back on over and over again. Admit it, we aren’t all geniuses so having a little cheat sheet is completely fabulous.

This book isn’t just a great deal for photographers though, what about you brides? The average bride invests thousands of dollars in her wedding photos to look great. But pictures are only as beautiful as the people in them. This book contains 525 images that show you how ordinary people can pose for vogue quality photos. There are step by step guides to ever posing position imaginable and they are so easy to follow that you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in front of the lens for even one second.

Imagine being able to walk into your photography consultation with detailed instructions and samples of the images you want on your special day! Or what if you are planning a specific wedding theme or tradition? Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing has wonderful shot ideas for every situation. Take a look at these gorgeous mendhi photos!

Here’s some of the benefits of purchasing this little book:

  • There are 525 images so couples can bookmark pages with images they love to show their photographer.
  • There is a step by step guide to a basic standing pose to ensure the bride looks flattering even when not posing.
  • It will help brides notice mistakes potential photographers are making which could result in sub-standard photography saving heartache later.
  • It will help brides determine which poses they think are right and suited for them.
  • By reading the book they will get a photographers perspective enabling them to work far more in harmony with them and be more relaxed as they have an idea on what they are trying to achieve.
  • It is full of inspiration and can fit into a handbag to take to work. Brides can the talk about poses at work during their break!
  • It only costs $23.95 including shipping so a very small amount to pay against the thousands they will spend on their photographer. It really could transform their wedding photos at 0.05% or less of their total wedding budget.

You guys know I was a budget bride so trust me when I tell you this book is a totally great investment! Order a copy today and be wowed by the amazing help you will receive from it.

And be sure to check out Oliver Cameron Publishing‘s other great photography books!

*All photos property of Oliver Cameron Publishing

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