The Honeymoon: Getting away on the cheap

So we’re married and we’re back from our honeymoon and it was FANTABULOUS!!!!

So now I am ready to share all the details on how we saved a ton of money while have a dream honeymoon. This should keep us busy while I wait for some pro pics of the wedding 🙂


When we began planning our honeymoon we knew we wanted a tropical destination in the Caribbean, Central or South America. We could only be gone a few days because of the Dallas move and Luke’s work schedule. Our budget? $1200 for flights & hotel with extra spending on food and excursions.

We started by using sites like Airbnb and Vacation Rentals by Owner to find inexpensive lodging. Unfortunately, the airfare to a lot of our favorite picks was around $600 a person O_O So it was back to the drawing boards.

Around the same time, one of my co-workers was needing to plan his honeymoon in a hurry. So as an office, everyone took off a Friday and transformed ourselves into travel agents. One of the girls, mentioned going to someplace in Mexico and flying domestic. Since we all lived 30 mins from the Reynosa, Mexico airport and only 1.5 hrs from Monterrey, we could easily save hundreds by crossing the border by car and driving to the airport instead of flying international.

That’s when our manager recommended Viva Aerobus as the airline of choice.

Basically Viva Aerobus is the Southwest of Mexico and is a great airline with amazing fares. All in all we only spent $240 on our round trip tickets for the both of us to Veracruz from the Reynosa airport. That included taxes and insurance 🙂

Also since we booked 5 months in advance, we were able to find a resort that was having 30% off special. Can you say amazing King Suite for $80 a night? Oh Yeah! And let me say the Fiesta American Veracruz was one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed at. Great pools! Great restaurants! Great room service. Great housekeeping! Great staff! Great views!

Our uber comfy king size bed

The foyer all the rooms are built around... it was like stepping into a tropical rain forest whenever you walked out your door

A view from our balcony... by turning 90 degrees we could also see the beach and ocean

When it was all said and done we spent about $1300 on everything… including taxi rides, an amazing trip to the ruins, food, drinks, and other day trips.

What we loved most about Veracruz was the laid back friendliness of everyone. While it’s not a popular American tourist destination, Veracruz is top among Mexican vacationers. Plus it’s possibly one of the most important cities in both Mexican and American history. I’ll totally share the details on that as I recount our trip.

What ways have you found to travel on the cheap?

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