PWC: Post Wedding Chop

With the wedding just 11 days away I am already planning for my post wedding hair cut. I want to get it done the following Friday because I want to use my trusted hair lady at least one more time before the move.

Since I have the natural wave, I want to get a cut that isn’t too short and can be worn both curly and straight. I’ve found a definite style I like and now I will show you a few celebs who sport it well 🙂





Aren’t these girls so cute with their medium length curls? Did anyone else do the PWC?


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  1. I did! 10 inches donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Went the weekend after i got back from the honeymoon. Yay shorter summer hair!

  2. Yes, absolutely! My hair is usually long in front, short in the back and I’m growing it out. Just got a “maintenance” trim a couple days ago and I can’t wait to get it shoulder length again. OMG, 11 more days? So exciting, Miss Mikado!!!

  3. Totally! Literally the day after we got home from the honeymoon I chopped it off! Couldn’t wait! I’m a short hair kind of girl. Love all of those cuts though!

  4. […] all over the Bloggy World and Weddingbee these days. Newbie brides chopping their hair off for a fresh look after growing it […]

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