Home Decor Inspiration: Round One

Since I’ve dropped the bomb about the house now I can start sharing my specific decoration plans and inspirations 🙂

Today I discovered the lovely blog  The Boardwalk Blotter that has all these great diy home decor clippings from other websites. That started me on a whirlwind of goodness 🙂

We are going to have this amazing tree in our back yard that we will be hanging some sort of wooden swing from. There are also a couple rose bushes and a fig tree so I want to install something like this gorgeous bird rest…


And this lovely ceiling really wants me to do the tissue paper finish on one of our walls. Maybe in our green bathroom since that’s the first project we will be starting…


And lastly… I found this gorgeous vintage flocked wallpaper from Etsy shop Birds Nests & Paper. It is so beautiful but is cut down to 7×10 sheets so I want to make a nice piece of wall art out of it.

The flocked yellow is set on a gorgeous metallic silvery champagne background and since our kitchen is already yellow and will have red accents I want to mount this paper on canvas and arrange it like this…


Stay tune for more ideas 🙂

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  1. I love the vintage wallpaper – that is a great idea to make it into wall art.

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