The Tale of The Marriage License

In addition to hauling up 90% of my possessions to Dallas this past weekend, I attended a beautiful wedding of some lifelong friends, and Luke and I got our marriage license on Monday.

Dallas County is really cool because it has several clerk offices for convenience and they automate most everything. We arrived early and logged our info into the computer to receive our application number and waited to approach the appropriate clerk.

I love that you can see the couple who ended up in line behind us filling out their marriage application in the background 🙂

All in all the process took less than 10 mins and we have our beautiful Marriage License good for 30 days 🙂

But that doesn’t end the story… oh no… did you happen to notice the name of the deputy clerk who signed our license?

Here’s a closer look…

That’s right… Joy Loveless will forever be the name inscribed on our marriage license and I think that is so freakin’ cool! I noticed her name sign first and had to nonchalantly steer Luke’s attention to that direction. When he saw it, I thought he was seriously going to lose it because his eyes got so huge and he literally had to suppress a laugh.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ms. Loveless was a nice enough lady but upon seeing her name, I can honestly say only one image burst into my mind…


Turns out though Joy is a pretty cool lady with just a very ironic name. So thanks to you Ms. Loveless for helping me and my honey get one step closer to being husband and wife. I can honestly say that without you it wouldn’t be possible! 🙂

The ever great Mrs. Joy Loveless - Spreading love and cheer through out Dallas County since 1994



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  1. hahaha! i LOVE the name! too funny!

    congrats on getting the license. how long until the wedding?

  2. 24 days! 😀 How long for you?


  4. Hahahaha!!! She signed my license, too!!! 🙂 I do love the picture of you two!

  5. I’m her grandson Preston without her that place wouldn’t be able to run, she had to retire ( but she hated to). congratulations hope y’all are having a great life together.

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