The Hair Trial

When I first started considering wedding hair styles, I knew I needed my hair to be curly (that’s how Luke likes it *smile*) but it would be best pulled up b/c of the summer heat. I went back and forth on different looks but it wasn’t until I saw the series finale episode {The Past Presents The Future} of Ugly Betty and saw her hair at Hilda’s Wedding that I knew…

I wanted the curly side bun 🙂 I wanted to make sure it showed when you looked at me face on but that it wasn’t so far over that I looked like Princess Leia O_O


So I armed myself with inspiration photos

and headed to my usual hair lady with my natural air dried hair…

75 minutes and $28 later, this is the beautiful do I got 😀

And don’t you just love the birdcage veil and fastener I made for 13 bucks? I’m in love with my hair and am so excited to see everything put together in just 5 weeks 😀


4 Responses

  1. ridiculously pretty! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair piece. you are going to be such a pretty bride, gal!

  2. Aww thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Uh-may-zing!! I cannot wait to see it all put together… 🙂

  4. Gorgeous!! I love your hair and that inspiration was great….I am sad that UB is over now…we too found inspiration in Hilda’s wedding episode…we found our first dance song 😉

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