Great New Resource for Brides:

Could you imagine having vendors compete on who can offer you the best price within your budget for your wedding? Well that’s just what is offering.

This is an amazing new concept that has just launched on the wedding scene and I encourage everyone to go sign up now. If you are a bride this will be an amazing tool for you to find the most reasonable vendors. If you are a wedding vendor, you should totally sign up and start bidding on their list of weddings in your area.

Let me quote form their latest press release to explain the concept… is a sophisticated, effective and completely free website where a bride’s dream wedding can become reality, virtually through the click of a mouse. ‘We created the site to help brides expedite the research, planning and payment for wedding services,’ says co-founder Brian Radford. ‘We want our users to have that fantasy wedding they’ve always dreamed about. With access to thousands of professionals who want to make a bride’s wedding day special, it is now easier than ever to plan a wedding, especially within a specified budget.’


The site creates an auction, where brides describe their dream wedding and professionals bid to win the projects, such as providing photography services or floral arrangements on the specified day.

The ability to provide feedback is one of the most powerful features of a crowd-driven website.  At, brides rate interactions with professionals based on quality, price and delivery.  The value to the brides is apparent, but what about the value to the bridal professionals?

For industry professionals, the value is in the direct marketing of their services to brides who have already expressed interest in purchasing their specific offering.  The site is free to use, however, the system assesses an administrative fee of 5% to vendors who are awarded as the project winners.”


I don’t know about you but that sounds like a win/win for everyone. I’ve definitely hopped on the bandwagon so keep your eyes out for Mismikado Creations on

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