A digression into everyday life…

for those of you who don’t know this already…

I am a


It’s kinda a really bad obsession and I can’t get enough of reading… I blame my grandma who always took me to the library ever Wednesday growing up. My favorite authors are Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Dessen, John Green, and Chris Crutcher. They write the kind of books I hope to someday be able to write. And they are incredibly cool people as made evident by their blogs or tweets 🙂

But I like other kinds of books beside YA too… especially those big coffee table books. I’ve already picked out a few for us but one I have wanted for years is…


During my sophomore year of high school, my amazing art teacher, Denise Freeman, bought this book for her class to introduce the topic of photo montages. I was hooked! Dan Eldon was one of the most amazing artists and now that I am the age he was when he was beginning to rise in his career of photojournalism I am even more at awe. He accomplished so many things that I have dreamed of doing before his life was snuffed out in tragedy at only 22 years old. I am so happy they are finally making a movie about him and I have coveted this book of his journals for years.

And now through the fabulous Better World Books (i don’t think I will ever buy from anyone else) I can get this book at a phenomenal price. However, I can also get the biography of Dan’s amazing life, Dan Eldon: The Art of Life.

So I guess the question is… which one should I put on our coffee table?

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