Great Dresses Under $300: David’s Bridal

Before I begin this new series I have a quick half a confession to make… I am keeping a few very big secrets from you all O_O But I do promise to tell you soon enough… sorry I just had to leave that tease and semi explanation for my absent posts for a few weeks there…

Now back to this new series!

As you all know, my dress was something I didn’t plan to spend a lot of money on. But I did want to look gorgeous. More and more I’m hearing of people (who I know for a fact don’t always have the money) spending $3000 or so on their gown. And they insist it’s because that’s what looks best and is of fine quality.

1) You are wearing the dress once and for 8 hrs tops! You do not need “Fine Quality”. ANd you know what, I witnessed two high-priced “fine quality” dresses getting torn during the reception just this year. So that should not even be a consideration.

2) You can find beautiful dresses for under $300 and I’m gonna show you where.

To start off with I give you all David’s Bridal, the leading off-the-rack wedding dress dealer in the country.

Here’s a few great pieces under $300 that they offer and let me say, they are total steals!

Style: SAS1202 $199

Style: SAS1213 $229

Style: SAS1206 $229

Style: INT1054 $129.99

Style: INT3211 $199.99

Style: T9391 $99

Style: SY9501 $199

Style: ST9505 $99.99

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