Sponsored Post: The Initial Review of Sensa

So as you all know I have started a 6-month review of the weight-loss program Sensa


I will admit that initially I was skeptical. However what I like about Sensa is that is does not make some far-fetched promises. The healthiest way to loss weight is to shoot for 1-2 lbs a week simply by curbing your daily eating habits. And that’s exactly what Sensa is suppose to help you do.

So when my first month’s package arrived I watched the dvd and set a plan to start sprinkling today…


First off, don’t worry about it affecting the flavor of your food. I was… but it is honest to god completely flavorless 😀 and the smell is not obnoxious or over-whelming. It’s just like adding a bit of seasoning to your meal. I have yet to try the sweet side though but plan to tonight.

One concern of mine was the long-term effects of the ingredients found in Sensa. However the manufacturers claim that all ingredients are approved as safe by the FDA.


I’m really thinking this might be a great tool for those who need a little help to stay motivated on a diet. But time and the scale will tell 🙂

And don’t forget about the 15% off discount for my readers. Simply enter the promo code GOAL2010 when you order Sensa for yourself.


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  1. I’m doing a 6 month review as well! I haven’t decided when to start! Can’t wait to see how it works for me!

  2. That’s totally great! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your results too! The cleanse you did last year is what actually finally convinced me to try one 🙂

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