Ok… so some very close friends of mine R&P were set to get married two weeks before Luke and I, on May 15th. They had everything set. A beautiful wedding for 350 guests at a new ballroom that was providing gold and fuchsia linens, the dj w/ lighting, a photographer and videographer, cake and catering. The Works!

Well 3 weeks ago, P decided she wanted to change something aesthetically and she gives the venue a call. No answer. She calls back the next day. No answer. She calls back nearly everyday until finally she gets an automated message saying the number is disconnected.

Now thoroughly concerned, her and R go to the other venue also managed by the same people yesterday. They meet with the building owner and he informs them that this supposed “wedding company” no longer is renting from him and has apparently made off with several couples’ money and has left no forwarding info.

So R&P now have nothing but a wedding dress and an officiant and have lost 25% of their wedding budget to this crooked company. Needless to say they are thoroughly distraught and don’t have any clue how to pull this off.

So I am turning to you my dear followers and wedding peeps. We have 3.5 months and need to pull off an amazing wedding of their dreams on dimes and pennies. I know it is possible… I have faith. And I am asking that if you are a wedding vendor or lover of making people happy, please contact me with anyway you can help this dear couple.

We can use anything so please just let me know what you can offer as regards info, discounts, etc. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Amendment: for those of you wondering… the wedding is scheduled to take place in McAllen, TX which is in the southern tip of the state in a region called the Rio Grande Valley. And they are needing help with everything! They lost everything but their dress, rings, and officiant.




Rentals (Tables, Chairs, Linens)


Possible Catering





Paper for Invitations (thanks to Lauren & Grey Moggie for handling the rest!)

Of course if you have any other ideas that would be great too! Thanks a bundle 😀


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  1. what city is their wedding planned to be in?

  2. thanks amber for asking for me… great question

  3. Where is the couple located? We would love to help with the cake and desserts! Please contact us – 718-866-5333

  4. aww man that’s awful!! Definitely let us know where the wedding is…Ill try to help for sure!!

  5. We would love to help with the cake and desserts!
    Please have the couple contact us via email –
    or phone 718-866-5333
    We’re looking forward to hearing from them 🙂

  6. What kind or assistance is needed? Can you give a list of things needed and the location of the wedding. I would love to help in some way, I’m located in New Jersey let me know. ~Thanks!

  7. We are in Austin, but maybe we can find a way to help! We offer most services (planning, some rentals, photography, all of it, so you can see what you need and how we can help!)

  8. how horrifying! if the bride is interested in a birdcage veil, i’d be happy to help.

  9. I would love to help! I am a photographer and would be happy to work something out 🙂

  10. Please let us know what we can do…did they order invitations yet? Just put a list up and I know we can all come together to help! Mindy Weiss

  11. I can certainly pitch in.

  12. Yikes! We’ll definitely try to help spread the word to Austin area wedding vendors who might be able to help! Keep us posted! – Rachel

  13. We make handmade truffles, located in the Aistin area. How about a truffle display instead of a grooms cake or truffles for a chocolate & champagne service. We also do favors. Have the bride contact us at

  14. I have sent you an email about my photography services. (from my gmail account)

  15. I could possibly help w liquor donation – ?
    This is a great PR story for every one that helps …

  16. omg! how awful! i hope everything works out for them. my specialty is graphic/artistic design. please let me know if they need help designing anything. thanks!

  17. That is SO NOT COOL. I am all the way in Australia – so not much I can help with. But I am crossing my fingers for them. Things have a way of turning out.

  18. How horrifying. Can they find whoever was running this “company” and sue him ’til the sun don’t shine?

    Until then, if she wants a bridal hair flower and other headband on the house, send her over to my Etsy shop:

    Thinking good thoughts for them — it will all work out in the end!


  19. this is AWFUL! i wish i could help – sending my thoughts and well wishes from NYC!

  20. How about contacting TLC or WE? I am sure they would be willing to help in some way.

  21. I am a wedding planner and coordinator in Houston, and I would be happy to help your friend. Please pass along my contact information and we will pull together a wonderful wedding.

    The Wedding Firm

  22. This is horrible and unfortunately we are seeing more of this daily. While we can not help this couple now our services, wedding insurance, could have refunded all lost deposits to this couple. For as little as $160 you can save your special day from disasters like these. Sincerely, hoping for the best for this couple. Visit us at, go to wedding insurance tab, for wedding insurance details.

  23. @granted financial
    Hawking your insurance products on a page seeking help for people that have been ripped = not ok.

    Mismikado, I’m in Australia so not much I can do but if you’d like to send me an email (aubergineink @ gmail. com) I’d be happy to send a Paypal contribution.

    All the best to you and your friends.

  24. i’d love to help! Just to clarify though, the wedding is on April 30th?

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