Grand Finale Winner & a Special Sale

I can’t believe the day is here… the last winner…

When I was reading all the wonderful comments on the finale giveaway, I wanted to help with everyone’s wedding. You guys have some amazingly awesome events planned and it would be so fun to collaborate with all of you to make them unforgettable. Of course though I can only giveaway one free consultation package right now. And I am constantly thankful for dandy tools like so that I don’t have to make those decisions…

So before I say which sweet bride I will be working with I want to let all other entrants and anyone who will contact me before March 1st, that I am going to offer you all a very special discount to work on your weddings.  I know that each of you all have very specific needs for your wedding and some will require more help than others. So my rates vary depending on your needs and budget. But I do have a basic guideline of the cost of my services and will more than happily supply these to anyone interested. This also includes my design work like the custom wall art and decorations or invitation suites.

So if you contact me before March 1st, I will give you 30% off any services you may need. This can be up to a $750 savings on my complete package! So just let me know what you are in the need for 🙂

But as for the winner of the 3 free consultation sessions with Mismikado Creations chose entry #6:

Tiffany – “Wow I love it. So why us….. Well we are getting married November 13, 2010 in the amazing city of San Francisco!!! I can’t believe it is coming up so soon! But I am still lost when it comes to color scheme and of course I need to pick out some invitations and well everything really. We just booked the venue but have so much to do now. I really want to create a wedding that everyone will remember and be talking about for years to come. I know I want to go with some kind of San Francisco theme especially since we are getting married on Fisherman’s Wharf but I don’t know what or how to incorporate this theme without it being cheesy! Oh and it is our 10 year anniversary also! Ok I really need help :)

Congratulations girl! I already have some great ideas for you and can’t wait to get started. I will be emailing you shortly! 😉

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this Blogiversary Celebration so amazing! 😀 Always remember that I’m here to help you all so just shoot me an email explaining your situation and I can see what i can do 😉

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