Day 13: A Grand Finale Giveaway

Well the day has come folks…

First off… Happy Anniversary to Luke & me! 😀 We have been together for 2 glorious years and now we have only 4 more months to being husband and wife 🙂

And now after 2 weeks of amazing celebrating with tons of free goodies, it is time for me to announce the last giveaway. When I was thinking about this finale I knew I wanted it to be really spectacular for you all… and the a light bulb went off.

So I today I present the sponsor vendor…

That’s right, folks! It’s ME 😀

So what am I offering you amazing readers? My services of course!

More specifically… I am offering 3 consultation sessions with me to begin/continue establishing your wedding design.

Session 1: We will work together on establishing the mood and for lack of a better word “theme” of your wedding. we will discuss colors, fabrics, font, era, lighting, everything that surmounts to your envisioned dream. Then I will use this brainstorming to create a custom Inspirational Palette Board like this…

When your board is perfect, I will have it produced as a gorgeous 5×7 print and matted so you can carry it with you in your wedding shopping and later frame it.

Session 2: We will work together in branding your wedding. That means creating a monogram, or slogan, or even a special logo that will carry through your design elements such as save-the-dates, invitations, and escort cards and set your wedding apart from anyone elses.

Here are a couple I have created for Luke and me…

Inspired by our Wise Impressions ring plate

Session 3: Combining what we have created in the last two sessions I will now design one wedding product for you. This can be invitations, save-the-dates, escort cards, table numbers, wall art… it’s really all up to you. 😉

Of course depending on how far along in the wedding planning you are each one of these sessions can be adapted to better fit your needs. I just wanted to show you all the possibilities 🙂

So please leave me a comment with a brief description of your wedding and I will announce the winner next Friday 🙂 Of course feel free to tweet @mismikado or blog for more entries.

And for anyone curious/interested in one of the above mentioned products just drop me an email at sebrina{dot}schultz{at} and I can give you all the info you need.

Can’t wait to read all your comments 🙂

Of course be sure to continue to check back daily for the remaining winners 😉


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  2. I’m dying to win this one because you know I loved your wall art! So definiately pick me for this bad boy! 🙂 My wedding is actually in April on a yacht… very bright colors like tangerine, fuchsia, and lime are our colors and we went from wanting abouit 75 guests to 200! I can’t wait 🙂

  3. Alright – HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS!? You are so talented. I love all these designs. I’m incredibly jealous of the very lucky bride that gets to win this.

    And…. happy anniversary… and blog-iversary! And, your engagement photos were ADORABLE. Can’t wait to work on your invites!

  4. yay! i’ve said it before, but you are SO kind to give away all of these awesome prizes. our wedding is may 15th in the fine arts building at a college campus (where my dad teaches and where i went to school for a while before transferring). our colors are red and ivory with black highlights. we are having 150 people. i’m so excited and ready! can’t believe it’s almost here!

  5. Oh man, do I NEED this! My mom has been ragging on me because I’m so overwhelmed about theme, colors, etc! We’re having it in Sperryville, VA at a vineyard near my finance’s parents’ cabin (that they built themselves!) It’s small, 125 people, this July. I’m so excited to get down and have fun, but I need someone to pin me down and talk details!

  6. I would love to win this consultation sessions! I am getting married in June of 2011 in Maine (we are still trying to pin down the venue, but we are currently contemplating a lake front estate with a ballroom, sun decks, and lake front view), but I am trying to plan all of it from Raleigh, NC while in law school. To say the least, it is overwhelming and rather daunting. While I have a few ideas, I am unsure how it will come together. I love your wall art and blog and would be honored to have your help before my wedding.

  7. Your creations are ah-mazing! Our wedding is a mix between our love for our alma mater (University of Florida) as our colors are orange and blue and we’ll be celebrating it at the stadium… but we’re trying to throw in elements of our other passion, traveling. Honeymooning in South Africa (for the world cup and other adventures), Pete and I really love to travel but we’re having a difficult time intertwining that into our theme. We also have absolutely no adobe skills so we’re having a tough time branding the package 😦 Your help would be absolutely amazing!!

  8. Wow I love it. So why us….. Well we are getting married November 13, 2010 in the amazing city of San Francisco!!! I can’t believe it is coming up so soon! But I am still lost when it comes to color scheme and of course I need to pick out some invitations and well everything really. We just booked the venue but have so much to do now. I really want to create a wedding that everyone will remember and be talking about for years to come. I know I want to go with some kind of San Francisco theme especially since we are getting married on Fisherman’s Wharf but I don’t know what or how to incorporate this theme without it being cheesy! Oh and it is our 10 year anniversary also! Ok I really need help 🙂

  9. I got chills when I saw your art. I am planning our wedding on a budget that is crazy. Since his parents are divorced and remarried I have extra family members that are related to the step-in-laws-to-be. The small wedding we wanted has now grown to a crazy size that we just can’t afford. I am a teacher and he is a student and the budget is not very extensive at all!

    On top of that he is in the Army. He wants a military wedding and I want a fall wedding but I am having a terrible time trying to mesh those colors to find something cohesive.

    We just got engaged so we are really early in our wedding planning!

  10. First of all your designs and creativity are phenomenal, I especially like the idea of creating a color palette board! Our wedding will be taking place in late August 2010, at an old barn in the beautiful state of Washington, where the corn stalks will be growing high and the mountains in the background should be breathtaking. As we feel our love is timeless, we want to create a rustic {he loves the outdoors and climbing} as well as vintage appeal to our day {I am definitely a girly girl who loves romance}. Even though I have a head full of ideas it would be so wonderful to get a fresh approach to the thoughts I am having. Thanks for having this contest and congrats on your anniversary!!

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