Day 9: Miss Erika’s Giveaway

I can’t believe I waited all day to post this one :-/

It’s been so crazy! I was at a funeral last night and our office was broken into over the weekend and our main computer was stolen so it was a crazy crazy insane day. But you know what’s really great when things are going awful and depressing?…



And you know what else is great?…


so that’s why tonight I bring you…

of course my favorite of her collection are these gorgeous sunflower gum paste cake embellishments…

Can you imagine the possibilities in cake decorating… it’s like making a diy wedding cake a breeze!

Well Erika has so kindly offered you dear readers a great batch of edible flowers for your own cake.

{photos property of Miss Erika’s}

These 12 Sugar Diamante Flowers will match anyone’s cake vision. So to win them run over to Miss Erika’s shop and tell me here what embellishments you would use in decorating your own wedding cake 🙂

I’ll let this run until next Monday night to make up for the delayed posting…

And as always feel free to tweet @mismikado or blog for more entries!

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  1. Sunflowers and daisies are our flowers, so definitely either of those would be awesome! I hadn’t even thought of putting edible flowers on our cake, but what a good idea!

  2. I like the 6 trio Rose Spray in Mauve. They are soo pretty!!! Please enter me:) Thanks!!

  3. wow, these are so interesting! didn’t know they made these flowers individually like that. i absolutely love the cherry blossoms, but i was planning to use rose petals on my cake, so those might be more practical.

    i know i said it on twitter, but i’m sorry about your terrible day. isn’t it crazy how things will be going all smoothly one day and then it’s like all of a sudden every single thing bad that can possibly happen does? anyway, hope things start looking up for you.

  4. I love the Stargazer lilies. They are gorgeous, but the real kind give me a headache. These would be so much nicer.

  5. 18 GUM PASTE AGAPANTHUS FLOWERS are my FAVORITE! My MIL is making our wedding cake and those would be great to add!

  6. Those beautiful strawberries would look amazing on my cake. They remind me of my grandmother’s china 🙂

  7. I like the green gum paste. Everything in my wedding has leaves– even my wedding dress is covered in white leaves.

  8. The tropical orchids are so gorgeous even though we’re not using orchids for the bouquets I’m thinking of getting a few potted ones (staying green) so guests can take them home!

  9. Oh man, those Agapanthus flowers are the perfect blue flower for a cake!! And her shop is filled with some pretty impressive gum paste flowers!

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