Day 6: Frosty Knickers Giveaway

Reasons why today’s giveaway is awesome…

1. it involves a topic of recent discussion b/c MOH L and MB L have been planning my Bridal Shower and let’s just say MOH L is having TOO much fun torturing me w/ awkward night wear conversations O_O

2. The word “knickers” is in the shop name. That’s one of my top 5 favorite words 🙂

3. And well Sammiy’s collection at Frosty Knickers is amazing!

Check it out…


Sammiy has spent her whole life designing incredible fashion and now she has transferred her passion and knowledge into a great lingerie line.

Well today she is offering the winner her choice between a free garment from her shop or a $50 gift certificate towards the creation of a custom made garment.

Pretty sweet, huh? 🙂

So go check out Frosty Knickers and come back and tell me your favorite before next Friday the 29th. Also feel free to tweet @mismikado or blog about this giveaway for extra entries.

I have I told you guys yet how jealous of you all I am for these awesome goodies heading your way ;P


11 Responses

  1. Well, I gotta say I love imagining this one on my girlfriend:

    I really hope I get this for her, so I can enjoy watching her even more!

    Best wishes!

    PS – I’m portuguese, hope there’s no trouble there!

  2. ha, i know what you mean about the awkward wedding night attire conversation. imagine how awkward it is for me to tell my super conservative mother that i’m going to have a lingerie shower. the very reason i haven’t gotten the nerve to tell her yet.

    by the way, lovely lingerie. your giveaways are amazing. i love the Whats New Pussy Cat – Style 3154. i like all the lingerie pieces, but that one is my favorite by far.

    i’m about to go tweet you about it too.

  3. What a fun giveaway. I think this is really pretty
    Aromatic Garden Range – Style 3083.

  4. I NEED to have the blue lacy bra/shirt thing in this post, ASAP.
    I want some new knickers, badly. I’ve become quite the grandma-panties lady and I am interested in doing something about that, like, right away ;D

  5. My favorite one is Aromatic Garden Range – Style 3069. It’s the color and the deep v-neck that I love! I’ll tweet about this (I’m @veradevera). Thank you, MM!

  6. My favorite is Cherry Lips Range – Style 3136. It is so cute!

  7. Wow!! There are soo many cute things over there:) I like the Cherry Lips Vest and Knickers:) Please enter me. Thanks!!

  8. I absolutely love the pink sheer one that you have pictured (… and I think my fiance would too! 😉

  9. There are SO many cute things….

    I would have to say that my favorite is Cherry Lips Range Style 3003.

  10. Ah, I’ve seen her stuff before on Etsy, she is so talented!!

    I’m really loving “Whats new Pussy Cat Range – Style 3097”- it’s so sassy!

  11. Whats New Pussy Cat is by far SUPER cute. I love how colorful they are 🙂

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