Another thing scratched off

After much thrifting and antiquing and wrapping and waiting… we have finally epoxied all the cake stands together…

Remember these repurposed cake stands we had decided to make to hold all the Mexican Wedding Cookies we will be serving for dessert.

Well once we started thinking about how we’d need a minimum of 800 cookies for everyone we realized there was no way 3 stands would suffice. So while Luke was here we picked up more glassware and finally put it all together the other night….

{don’t you love my grandpa’s retro dining room}

So that’s 5 gorgeous cut glass cake stands (the tall one in the back is so pretty, I wish I had better pictures) and 6 trays. And guess how much it all was… 🙂

Well with the epoxy we came out to under $30 for everything. Not too shabby considering I saw one small vintage cake stand at an antique market for $22.

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