Everybody Freak Out!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet folks :-/

It’s been a beyond stressful week but here’s a few recaps…

  • Classes started on Tuesday. I’m taking Web Design finally so I’m hoping to really hype up my business website 😉
  • Friday is my last day working at The Sign Depot. It’s honestly for the best b/c I was stressing too much. So I’m gonna roll as a full-time student for the rest of the month and work on Mismikado Creations, the wedding, and apply w/ a temping agency in Feb.
  • Bridal shower planning by MOH Lani and BM Lyz has sparked a finalization of the guest list. And the first family disagreements over the guest list have ensued :-/ But I believe all is finally good and we are *hopefully* within limits O_O
  • Our invitations were suppose to be due this coming Monday but seeing how they are only 1/4 done, I’m not so confident.
  • Never the less our envelopes will be mailed to Swoon Over It no later than Monday to start the calligraphy process.


  • I am officially freaking out b/c we are approaching the 4 month mark and are way behind in projects!
  • So I think I might start hosting wedding crafting nights w/ friends to get things done 🙂
  • And I’ve been busy planning our Blogiversary Celebration 😀 Another hint… it will last for 13 days and starts on the official 1 year anniversary this Sunday. Check back daily folks! You will be rewarded 😉

So that’s all for now but I am conspiring to add some more fun posts coming up soon 🙂

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