so it’s been a crazy week…

Well Luke came in on last Thursday morning and it was very glorious to have him here (he’ll be staying through saturday and is currently reading as I type over my shoulder)… we worked on invitations and spent time with the family.

But then something really awful happened… my great-grandmother passed away during an anxiety attack (the doctor said that her brain just stopped telling her lungs how to breathe) on Monday at 3:15. It has been very surreal and a roller coaster of emotions. Luke has finally gotten to meet the whole family but not on the best conditions. We are making a trip to Mexico tomorrow to visit her relatives there. It’s just been a really rough time for the whole family.

I’ve been trying to cope with all of this. I am happy  she is no longer suffering… it’s just really weird not having her here w/ us. We were just with her making invitations on Saturday.

So I’m sorry if I am quiet for a bit… I’ll try to check in with updates… on being what my mom and aunt gave me to remember ama… it’s wedding related…

I will leave you all with a decoration idea I thought was really cute…

this lamp was featured in an Ampartment Therapy cheap diy but I thought you could make a closer version to the original using these at $50 for 5 yards

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  1. I’m so sorry about the death.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your great-grandmother’s passing — my condolences. As for the DIY alt to the feather lamp — what a great idea!

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