A Real Wedding: Chris & Adriana’s Sneak Peek

You guys might remember Adriana from the photos I took at her shower. Well last night her and her fiance Chris were officially married. It was a beautiful affair and I was so honored to take all the photos.

All in all I got 1,776 shots (800 being good quality) so now I’ve begun the wonder process of editing. Well after a whole Saturday afternoon I’ve edited 15 shots into 44 with various effects, so here is a little sneak peek of some of my favorites 🙂

The beautiful Allure dress

A bouquet of roses

her dad and brother sported some cool shades to escort us 🙂

"We're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."

I feel like this belongs in a magazine... lol

end of the night snuggle

wrapped in tulle

The first kiss: I love their expressions right before their first kiss as husband and wife 🙂

Stay tuned for a link to the full album 🙂 And I can’t resist a self-serving plug 🙂 If you have any occasion you’d like me to shoot you can just contact me via any of the sidebar methods.


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  1. These photos are really really beautiful! My favorite is the close-up of the groom kissing the bride of the cheek…You did an amazing job!

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