I haven’t been called Babydoll for nothing :)

So I was finally trying to semi catch up on my Google Reader when I came across a certain post on More Lovin’ than I’ve Ever Had… in it she kindly accepts this pretty award…

… and nominates me to be a recipient of it! Woooooooo!

Thank you so much! 😀

So those quirky facts, huh?

1. I’m obsessed Psych and bought the complete first three seasons on Black Friday… actually watching it now too 🙂

2. I get massive cravings for sushi about once a week and cannot function without satisfying them.

3. When I am suffering from lack of sleep, I hallucinate O_O

4. I have an overactive bladder… it sucks on road trips.

5. I psychologically cannot deal with coffee past 10:30.

6. I juggle not one, not two, but 4 different email accounts… each is set-up for a specific purpose…

7. I procrastinate WAY too much.

8. I still sleep w/ stuffed animals on my bed, guess that will have to go once I get married 😦

9. I haven’t done my laundry in like 3 weeks… I can’t start another work week w/out doing so. I hate doing laundry so much, I’ve been known to buy new underwear to get away with holding off a few more days…

10. We booked the flights for our non-traditional honeymoon destination last night 🙂 Wanna know where? Well tough b/c you have to wait till we square away all the details then I will tell you all about how we got the awesome deal we did 🙂

So now I get to pass this lovely award onto some other fabulous bloggers 🙂

In no particular order:

1. Lauren @ I Love You Much

2. Big Mouth Bride

3. Fabulous K

4. Graceful Day Design

5. Love is You… Love is Us…

6. Mason Jar Bride

7. Perfect Bound

8. Please Sir

9. Steep Street Musings by Kelty

10. tulle & feathers


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  1. Eep! I’m glad you posted this! It makes me happy! Also – I do the same thing when I start running out of laundry … I was just folding some at my parents’ house the other day (they have a dryer and it’s free there) and my mother goes “do you have any underwear yet?” Well, to make a long story short I got home with 24 pairs of clean underwear but there were about the same number left in the drawer!!

    Also – good luck on your finals!!

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