Making Memories


Classic Bride recently blogged about using these beauties as wedding decorations. And I just love that idea!

Ever since I was about 13 I have had a bulletin board that is COVERED with mementos and memories of everything. I have photo boxes filled with saved trinkets and paper finds. Now as I’ve gotten older I’ve been brain storming more “sophisticated” ways of displaying these. Of course shadow boxes and scrapbooks are old favorite but these chandeliers are just gorgeous.

Unfortunately the 300 bucks Pottery Barn is wanting for them is a wee bit out of my decorating budget. Fear not, I have the equipment to make one of those metal frames in my backyard… hehe 🙂 (My daddy builds Channel Signs for a living) Throw in some cute binder clips – have you seen Walmart’s damask set? – and I have a gorgeous living room focal point at our new home 😀

Me like, indeed! I’ll be sure to post pics when it’s done…

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