It’s a Hair Evolution

So I was just reading Lauren’s post @ I Love You Much on the saga of growing out her hair. And this motivated me to share with you all a project I’ve had in the works for a little over 3 years now.

When I was a little kid, I was bald. I mean I only had the wispy thing going on until I was like 3. Case and point…

I’m mobile in this picture folks which means I’m well over one and look at the lack of that hair. I’ve seen babies born with more hair than that! So as you can tell, I was one of those 6 month old ears pierced babies so people would know, yes I am a girl 🙂

Anywho, when my hair finally started to really fill in at about 7 it was kinda a big deal. You’d think this would make me be one of those girls who never cuts her hair b/c she was traumatized. HA! Hardly. I clearly remember being about 9 having them cut 8 inches off b/c I always knew my hair would eventually grow. Back in fact, the more I cut my hair, the better it grows back.

And I pride myself on having very versatile hair! So back in ’06 when I first got my iMac which it’s sweet little photo booth, I started regularly taking pictures showcasing my varying hairstyles. After every dye and cut there was a picture. In just over 3 years I have experimented with over 20 styles!

And I’ve made a fun little video for you all to see the proof. 😀

So yes I’m trying to go natural color, long and bangless for the wedding and of course curly hair b/c Luke loves it. But post wedding… who knows! I’d love comments on your guys favorite looks on me 🙂


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  1. Damn.

    Love the song choice!

  2. 1- You have the most awesome eyes ever. I want to trade, mine are all squinty and little.
    2- When you mentioned Luke, I forgot what was going on and was all “She goes to my hair-dude too?! Omg. Wait a second…” Brain-dead today. :p
    3- I’m a sucker for a swoopy faux-bang, so I like that the best on you I think. Perhaps. I can’t decide.
    4- I was a bald kid too. I was born with blonde, blonde, blonde hair, then it all fell out. I was bald, and when I cried my whole head would turn red. They’d call me tomato head. True story. Eventually it grew in (I was still a wee one), and it was thick, black, giant mess of ringlets. Then the hairs went straight, fine, and a lighter brown right before puberty. So weird.

  3. Aww Thanks Lauren about the eyes comment 🙂 Except they are too big fro my eye lids and therefore I sleep w/ my eyes open O_O Crazy, I know!
    And I literally laughed at your point number 2 😀

  4. I think I like you best either bang-less or with the side-swept bangs! Of course, I’m biased – I currently sport the side-swept bang! MY hair has undergone many a transformation over the years as well! It’s strange when you go back to the natural color!

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