The Money Bouquet Part Deux

The mega wedding weekend is over and I’m not feeling so hot health-wise from it. But I promised you guys pics of the new generation of the money bouquet. It made another appearance as my gift for yesterday’s bridal shower and I’m please to report that it was a hit 🙂

In this edition, I included 2 roses, 1 lotus flower, and some buds… all in all it took 15 bills and about an hour or so to assemble.

And I’ll actually share with you all the links I used to back these 🙂

For the Roses:

For the Buds I just followed the steps to make the rose heart.

For the Lotus:

I would love to see pics if anyone else attempts one of these 🙂 I’m quite happy my go-to bridal shower gift is so well received!

Does anyone else have a traditional go-to gift?

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