Cultural Traditions: The Centerpiece Favor

So today was suppose to be another school makeup day since I’m home sick not doing anything and I’ve done so so :-/

But I wanted to share another tid bit about the wedding: the big centerpiece reveal!

Now most of my close friends already are very well acquainted with the breakdown I had over centerpieces… You see a local custom which I was not privy to until a few weeks ago while attending a wedding shower, is that the centerpieces at any party double as favors. For starters, I never paid attention to this to notice before in my last 2 years here and it is not something I’m opposed to. I was just shocked and it threw a major monkey wrench into our centerpiece plans.

Let me start from the beginning…

In my early google wedding researching days I came across these lovely centerpieces, and fell in love 🙂


I LOVED the rustic melted wax and vintage mason jars! And after some extensive research I figured out how we could buy everything for under $200. Woo!

Fast forward a few months and I’m visiting my Grandmother (this is before we were “officially” engaged mind you) and I was sitting in her living room looking at her knick knacks in various hutches and shelfs. Now my grandma’s house is a gold mine of vintage odds and ends, basically it’s like walking into a really cool antique shop 🙂

This was shortly after The Budget Savvy Bride got married and posted her lovely tablescape pictures…


So there I’m sitting on the couch taking in my surroundings when I am struck with an epiphany. I quickly lure mom into our room and show here BSB’s beautiful mixed and matched glassware centerpieces and tell her my idea. Follow that up with a call to my dad regarding his opinion and I was ready to ask my Grandma for the biggest wedding favor 🙂

She of course said yes!

So in the beginning of October we made the drive up to the Big D and loaded up like 5 boxes worth of my Grandma’s vintage cut glass goblets and wine glasses. Because we didn’t want to melt wax on her glasses and risk permanent damage, we decided to use LED throwies and clear marbles to create glowing light orbs inside each glass and have various one staggered at each table.

We kept a detailed log of how many we took and I gave my grandma a solemn promise I would do everything in my power to make sure they all made it home safely.

Oh and she also gave us 32 vintage mason jars, which meant we only had pick up an additional 2! 🙂

There I was happy as a clam because everything was working out… or so I thought.

2 weeks later I am at the above mentioned wedding shower and the above mentioned tradition of the guests taking home the centerpieces was revealed to me. I was crushed! I’m pretty sure I cried at some point to. There was no way we could risk someone walking off with one of my Grandma’s heirloom glasses during our wedding reception. My dreams of incorporating a little piece of family history were dashed.

I quickly tried to get over it though and move ahead with a new solution.

Enter Ebay.

So they aren’t family heirlooms but they are vintage and I can happily say we have now reacquired all the glassware we need to cover our tables and they are safely wrapped and boxed until the big day 🙂

Just under half the glasses were a little plainer and because we no longer had to worry about permanent damage from melted wax, we went ahead and created candle holders out of those.

This was my attempt of melting the wax down. Mistake #1: melting each tealight individually. Mistake #2: using 4 hour burn candles. But hey what are moms for other than to point out your foolishness and show you a better way 😛

Here’s what they looked like before getting wrapped and boxed…

We are still using the Mason jars as wild sunflower vases with twine tied around the lips and maybe a little tag hanging off. The idea is to have one mason bouquet vase, two glasses, and one glass bottle number at each table.

At the end of the day I have to say everything worked out. Maybe not exactly how I envisioned but now I don’t have to stress about this one other item on the list.

Did anyone else have crazy centerpiece fiascos? Or did you have to work with a local or cultural tradition in selecting your centerpieces?


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  1. No real fiascos, I just bought WAY too many bud vases! I did similar to BSB, but with all white flowers and all clear glass. Beautiful!

    I just found your blog! Hooray!

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