So… I’m Sick!

So I’ve been out of commission for the last 2 days b/c I have a severe throat infection and cold.

I’m taking 15 doses of these babies…

But hopefully these will get me back in tip-top shape for my crazy wedding weekend. Got a bridal shower and wedding on the SAME day!

And I promise to post all about it, including the latest version of the money bouquet 🙂 And let me give you a little hint… I practiced some crazy origami this time 😉

Oh so the rest of table topper fabric came in and it’s perfect 🙂 So I’m happy about that. It was kinda cute when my dad came and dropped off the big 40 yard roll on my bed as I lay there in a semi-comatose state drooling… yeah I’m not a pretty sick girl. In fact this afternoon was the first time I showered in like 3 days. Yep I’ve been cherishing my granola scrubby dirty hippy ways 🙂

Well back to the attempt of catching up with school :-/

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