Special Feature: A Reel Proposal – Bobby & Dam

And no that is not a typo 😉

So I’ve been excited to post this feature all last week but of course had to wait for the groom-to-be to actually pop the question… Bobby is a co-worker of mine and I have to say I greatly enjoyed being an outsider looking in on his giddy (yes, he was giddy…lol) excitement leading up to the big moment.

Now I’ll leave the rest to his explanation…

So, I was breaking my head trying to come up with something for Damaris that was awesome but at the same time very…me.  I looked up proposal ideas and asked people but nothing ever seemed right.
I can tell you right now that Damaris is not your traditional girl.  Thats what made it a blast though.  She loves action, she loves zombies, she loves romance, she loves The Beatles (thats what I was going for with the song and retro look of the video) and she loves comedy.  I took her to the spot we had our first date and played this video on my macbook.  When it got to the part “Will you be my bride?” I was on one knee with the ring.
The look on her face was classic!  She was so shocked!  She had no idea.  We were supposed to be on our way to an anniversary.  She told me afterwards that she loved how I tailored the video to the things she loves.  She was dying to show everyone.  Oh and she said “Yes of course!”
P.S.  I also wore The Beatles looking jacket I wore the first night I told her how I felt about her.

And here’s the video and song he created to propose…

How could anyone say no to that? 🙂

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