Cultural Traditions: Mexican Wedding Cookies

So we aren’t keeping that many cultural traditions for our wedding but one of the ones That I am really looking forward to is the dessert 🙂


These are Mexican Wedding Cookies and they are ridiculously yummy 😛 They are like Pan de Polvo (or Mexican Sugar Cookies) on confectionary steroids.

2 friends have offered to make them for our wedding (Yay to friendors!) and we are super super excited. But I wanted to have them displayed prettily.

So yes I fell for the uber trendy repurposed cake stands 🙂

Look at what I picked up at an incredible thrift store yesterday…

Picture 1

I got the mini candle stick and bud vase for $1 each and the 3 plates were $3.99. So now I want to find a 7″ candle stick or bud vase so the third stand sits in between the other two.

I’m think of decoupaging a doily or sunflower on the bottom of each plate to hide the epoxy 🙂

Anyone else fall for the repurposed cake plate craze?

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