Budget Update

I just bought the remaining fabric for the table toppers… and we are going w/ all white 🙂


Can’t wait to see it in person 🙂

We got this in Fabric.com‘s 20% off clearance section and I had an additional 30% off coupon (coupon code: clearance1109 – it expires 11/16/09) so I was able to get 20 yards for only $93.80. Plus free shipping and no tax 🙂 That means I only paid $4.69 a yard and the amazing part is that the fabric is 118″ wide so we get twice as much per yard 😀

So we officially have purchased all our table linens unless there is some crisis. Wanna hear the budget breakdown?

Linens Budget: $300 for 35 tables or $8.57 per table

Actual Cost: $261.09 for 35+ tables or $7.46 per table including both white table linen and embroidered sheer 60x60ish topper.

Pretty awesome baby!So we came in $38.91 under budget in that department. Not alot but every penny counts, right 😛

In the grand scheme of things we have officially broken the $1,000 dollar mark on wedding expenses. Not bad considering it took us 11 months… hehe 🙂

So the current remaining budget: $3,765.69

Which means we have actually spent to date $1,234 and some change… if I believed in signs that would have to be one… lol

How’s everyone else’s budgets coming? Still got a good feeling or are you squirming yet? :-/

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