Sorry I’ve been so quiet folks :-/

There has honestly been snail-like developments with the wedding. Just been stressing about school work. Can’t believe how behind I am and there’s only 5 more weeks to catch up O_O *blink*blink*

Here’s a sample of what’s been keeping me busy…


So let’s see… oh my centerpieces have come in 🙂 I’ll post pics once things settle on this whole obnoxious school front.

Oh and we have an engagement pic photographer. So those will be taken next month 😀 Can’t wait!!!

And the best new yet… MOH Lani is coming down! She will be visiting 3 months before the wedding in Feb and she will make the journey w/ her brother Michael. It’s going to be his first big trip w/out the parental units and it will e so crazy to have the tres amigos together down here…


Please forgive the scrubiness... we can be granola like the best of them 🙂

*insert bugs bunny accent* well that’s all folks!

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