I’ve been holding out on you guys…

… so if you have been following along, you will recall that I tweeted about finding the BM shoes 🙂

Well it’s about time I share…

On the way up to Dallas a few weeks ago, mom decided to stop at the DSW in Georgetown. I happily obliged b/c I was on a quest to find my wedding shoes. I had very specific stipulations for the perfect yellow shoe.

Well long story short I struck out, but I found this amazingly cute pair of 2″ high yellow sandals that was in a variety of sizes and under $18. So after making a frantic series of phone calls, we walked out with three pairs of these lovelies…

lunapic-125685891110937Did you notice what I said? We walked out with only 3 pairs… and I have 4 BMs. So we needed to find one more pair in the right size.

And so the new quest began…

Well I will thoroughly admit I did not share in this quest b/c I went to the fair the next day. But mom and dad lovingly sacrificed their saturday and hunted down the last pair at like 9 different DSW’s in the greater Metroplex.

Dad says he turned his “gay” on at the third store and he was actually the one to find them. And mom is so happy that he didn’t complain even once about the shopping day 🙂

Here’s another angle…

lunapic-125685891110934Aren’t they such pretties? 🙂

But I was still in search of my shoes. I wanted something yellow, peep roundish toe, and I really wanted a stiletto but I knew that would be practical w/ the grassy outdoor venue :-/

Oh and I wanted something I could wear nylons w/ because as the following pictures will reveal, my feet and legs are scarred to pieces from bug bites.

So today by a miraculous act of a blown transformer from the 45 mph winds on campus, my morning class was cancelled and I got to go shopping! 😀 First I went to Marshalls in search of more curtains for table toppers but struck out.

So then I decided to stroll next door to the SHoe Carnival. I had never been in one and figured, “What the heck?”

I paced up and down the aisles and then at the back of the store in the clearance rack, I spotted this…

lunapic-125685891110933I was smitten! And the best part of them…

lunapic-125685891110935That heel stole me *swoon*

Ok so the real best part was that they were marked down to $18.99. Steal! So I eagerly pranced (ok maybe not pranced) to the register. And guess what, b/c of an amazing customer appreciation sale today, the range up to $14.04 with tax!

lunapic-125685891110936I’m so happy I found my perfect shoes!!! 😀 And I can wear those awesome toe-less nylons that hide the scars but show of a lovely pedi. What do you think if I stick w/ my signature black toes? It really kinda my thing 🙂

Well now the only question is, should I get some schnazzy shoe clips to dress them up?


What do ya’ll think? Shoe clip or sans shoe clip?

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  1. I don’t think they need shoe clips but maybe instead of black do a deep blue (navyish almost black) to be your Something blue!

  2. Cheap shoes? Hell yeah.

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