More Wonders of the Recycled Chandeliers

I know you guys are probably getting sick of hearing about these but this news is quite exciting 🙂

The work of Michelle Brand that I am basing our chandeliers on was featured in Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book‘s Fantasy Gift Section.



Check out the write up they did on Page 50:

“Sustainable Design Art Chandelier

There’s something hypnotic about the way individual sparks reflect back and forth from the clear floral petals that cascade to the floor. And something fascinating about the whole creative process. British artist Michelle Brand’s work invites us to reset our expectations about what it means to recycle as she takes sustainable design into the realm of fine art with the Cascade Lancashire Chandelier. With a personal and professional commitment to reduce-reuse-recycle, Michelle discovered that if she placed a cut just right, the natural shape of a flower appeared out of the base of a plastic soda bottle. With that discovery, her artistic vision became clear, and she built the Cascade Lancashire using 366 plastic bottles she rescued from the landfill. Like all great works of art, it took a good bit of time. Each bottle was carefully washed, dried, hand trimmed, and hand sanded, all to Michelle’s exacting standards. The brilliant result: a waterfall of light that measures five feet long and two feet in diameter.”

You know what the craziest part is… the price! I never knew what Michelle’s pieces sold for before and I can barely believe it! Care to take a guess?

They sell for $12,000 plus s&h… *gulp*

So yeah I’m more excited then ever to be making these babies!

Anyone else get “sticker shock” when they found out how much something was worth?


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  1. Its really hard to believe that the chandelier is made of plastic soda bottles.Fabulous creation by Michelle.

  2. WOW I had no idea she was selling them, I’m looking forward to see yours!, are you planning on making different shapes or that same one?

  3. I’m actually wanting to make several 12″ diameter ones of varying heights. I’m even considering trying one where the strands of “flowers” scoop at different heights. I’ll definitely post pics and I can’t wait to see you purple ones! 🙂

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