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An amazing newish blogger on the wedding blogosphere is Ali over at Joy is the Best Makeup. Her posts are so much fun! Anywho she was recently given the much deserved Kreativ Blogger award and she passed the honor on to me… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! 🙂


I feel so honored!!! 😀

so with this award comes certain responsibilities… like I have to share 7 random facts about myself… hmm where to begin…

1. I cannot eat any meat off the bone. In my head it’s just to barbaric and disconcerting. Like whenever I encounter chicken on the bone I can’t eat chicken in general for a long time b/c it reminds me of cannibalism… weird I know :-/

2. This is a gross one :-/ When I was younger… ok maybe even a bit more recently… I would bite my toe nails 😮 There I said it! But on a positive note… you have to admit it’s pretty impressive that a girl my size is that flexible 🙂

3. I ❤ “radio karma” or whatever you choose to call it. Nothing compares to that perfect day you have when your ipod/itunes shuffle mode or fave radio station perfectly sync to your mood and create that fantabulous melody of the perfect soundtrack for your day. Those are the best days 🙂

4. I’m like a monkey, I display my affection by grooming you. I’ll pick your blemishes, loose threads, lint, rouge hair strands, etc… I mean all in good company and not to offend merely to help. Speaking of which have you seen the Baby Pygmy Marmoset?



5. I have an insane book fetish. I just love to curl up in a comfy bed next to a warm sunny window and read. My record was set shortly after my high school graduation, when I read 7 books in less than a week. I was on a first name basis with my town’s librarians 😛

6. I really like to write lists. It used to almost be a problem so I tried to cut back and I think I’m doing pretty good about trying to relagate them to the confines of my head…

7. Wedding blogs have become the downfall to my online class routine. It’s a fact… I blame you all! lol 🙂

So now I get to share the welth with 7 other amazing bloggers… *drum roll*

In no particular order…

1. {All Things Lovely}

2. Bride on a Budget

3. fabulous k

4. Sarah Elizabeth

5. I Love You Much

6. In Search of DutchLand

7. Underneath the Petticoat

Check them out folks!


3 Responses

  1. You’re so sweet!

    P.S. I just realized that I was supposed to pass this on. Cross-Country Wed gave me one a week ago, and I guess I didn’t pay enough attention. I guess I need to nominate 14 people… lol

    Maybe I’ll hit you again. Muahahahaha

  2. thank you so very much!! you are so sweet to add me to your list. I love your 7. greatness. look for mine soon! 🙂

  3. You are so kind! You’ve made my weekend!

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