Yesterday one of my favorite wedding sites, Weddingbee, started a new relationship series. On a side note, if by some weird technological flaw you are reading my site but have not check out Weddingbeethan something is seriously wrong. You must go asap… altho not before you finish reading my schpeal 🙂

Well back to my story 🙂 So one of the topics discussed in this series was What is the defining personality trait you thought your future spouse would possess? Does your actual spouse/fiance possess it?

This reminded me of something my mom encouraged to do when I was younger. She said before I ever met anyone who I was interested in, I need to write a list of what my dream spouse would be like. That way, when I did meet someone I could logically see if he was right for me without being blinded by love.

Well I did that. I even went a little beyond that. And guess what? I still have my list! Wanna see what was on it?

Attributes Potential Husband Must Have – 7/2/07(note that this was compiled just 3 months before I was reunited with Luke)

10 – Very Spiritual

10 – Has spiritual goals (international service, need greater, elder service)

7 – Makes me laugh

7 – Can carry on a conversation about animation

7 – Listens to wide range of music

9 – Likes to travel/move

8 – adventurous/ Spontaneous

8 – Likes rollercoasters/ amusement parks

7 – Laid back but can stand his ground

5 – At least 5′ 8″

6 – Not preoccupied with looks/appearance

6 – Gets dressed fast

7 – Likes ethnic foods

6 – Not a picky eater (not vegetarian)

5 – Not overly competitive

8 – Into music and art

5 – Athletic but not a jock

6 – Nice smile/lips

7 – Straight forward/speaks mind

10 – Honest

6 – Concerned with my feelings but doesn’t baby me

8 – Smart (into documentaries/ history)

7 – Likes Zoolander, Napolean Dynamite, Monty Python, The Simpsons, X-Men, Pinky & The Brain, Boy Meets World

4 – Likes old-school comic books

6 – Willing to see “chick flicks”

4 – Appreciates the Phantom of the Opera

7 – Likes old movies (Charade, singing in the rain, Roman Holiday, To Catch a Thief)

10 – Supports my pioneering

8 – Likes to read/discuss literature

8 – Appreciates manual photography

6 – Likes to swim

5 – Likes to camp (not in cabins/rvs/trailers)

7 – Knows ow to have fun

5 – Muscular arms

5 – Can fix a car

7 – Handy around the house

7 – Cooks

7 – Can iron and do laundry

7 – Energetic

8 – Doesn’t try to change me

9 – Not overly possessive

10 – Doesn’t have a bad temper

8 – Let’s go of things

8 – Doesn’t pick on or embarrass me

5 – Likes 70’s music

7 – Knows who SRV is

8 – Likes the Beatles

6 – Dances

7 – Likes my hair no matter what

10 – Willing to serve where the need is great

9 – Likes my family, but not more than I do

6 – Likes Star Wars and Star Trek

9 – Gets along with Melanie

5 – Likes the Grease soundtrack

7 – Likes museums

8 – Will never make me play volleyball

6 – Likes scary movies

8 – Likes NYC

6 – Likes colorful walls

8 – Isn’t intimidated by my dad

9 – Can handle my “violent and severe mood swings”

Some of those make me laugh so hard 🙂 But I bet you are wondering what the numbers before each attribute mean… well they were point values and the “perfect score” was 435.

Listen to my original instructions for utilizing this list:

“Each guy will be evaluated by the same 62 point list. Each positive attribute earns them a predetermined point amount according to the importance of that attribute.

A guy’s overall score affects his qualifications as potential husband material.

Since many of these attributes will only be revealed with time, the evaluating time period is indefinite.

This is not a final exam for marriage. This is a preliminary exercise to determine a guy’s dating qualifications before a serious relationship is formed.

The scoring categories are as follows…

50%  or less (Below 218)

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

Clearly we are not compatible enough for any sort of romantic involvement to be formed.

51% – 75% (219-325)

Just Friends

We have similar interests, but the chances of a long-term commitment are slim.

76% – 90% (326 – 392)

The Odds Are In Your Favor

With some time and communication this might be the beginning of a very beautiful thing.

91% – 100% (393-435)

How Does Dinner Sound?

Well clearly this has a shot, but only time will tell…

Please note that even though a guy may score high, if he is missing just 1 of the 6 10-point attributes, he will automatically be disqualified from my interests.”

There you have it… aren’t I such a romantic at heart… lol 🙂

btw… Luke scored a 383 on April 30, 2008…


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  1. I was laughing out loud at some of these! LOL But most of them really are amazing attributes in a man! What is your fiance’s score? LOL

  2. I nominated you for an award 🙂 Check out my blog.

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