The Veil

So I’ve been working on my veil and while it no where near done yet… here’s a sneak preview…


Yes it’s draped over my leg… please ignore the massive size of my thigh :-/ I would have modeled it for you all but I look gross b/c I’m feeling ill. Praying it’s not the flu b/c a bunch of people at work have come down with both the generic flu and h1n1… i was stressing at work today and then got home and am nauseous… sorry tmi I know…

Well anywho, I’m planning to do a cost breakdown and diy tutorial when it’s done… It’s coming out to being under $20 and I have tons extra material.

Hint: check out for the russian netting. Only $4.98 a yard and it’s 18″ wide. With how I cut it, I can get 4 birdcage veils out of 1 yard. Plus you can use one of‘s coupons for up to 30% off. My total came out to under $8 for 1 yard with shipping 🙂

Anyone need some netting? I’ll either have half a yard extra or 3 extra veils 🙂 Not sure yet but let me know if your interested in something b/c I’m having fun making these 😀

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  1. Very nice!

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