My Grandmother’s Recipe

…for starch!

I know… you’re thinking starch? Well if you remember the sample invitation I made, I was having some trouble making the lace lay smoothly without stretching.


For years my grandmother has crocheted her own doilies and stiffens them using starch. So my mom thought “let’s starch the lace to make it lay flat”… great idea except the starch they sell now days in the can doesn’t work at all for this purpose…



We knew my grandma always used liquid starch but you just can’t find that stuff in stores these days. So i decided to call her… turns out she makes her own… and it’s incredibly cheap and super easy!

Want the recipe?


Just kidding 😛

All you need is to buy some corn starch…



All it takes is 1 tbsp of corn starch to 1 cup of hot water. Stir until it dissolves. The mixture will be milky white. Pour it into a spray bottle and shake it before you spray onto fabric. Then iron away as usual.

Pretty easy, no?

Any other unconventional family recipes out there?

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