Paper Cuts…

No not the awful kind that hurt so much for no apparent reason since they are so tiny and all… I’m talking about actually cutting paper. I know others like The Budget Savvy Bride have talked about how it’s totally worth going to some place like Kinko’s to get your paper cut for diy invitations.

Well I’m very fortunate for working where I do b/c we have an industrial paper cutter. And (with permission of course) I was able to cut all our paper down to invitation making size. I swear this saved me probably 5 hrs of cutting by hand.


So I now have 200 Black linen cover stock pieces, 360 liner pieces, 270 reception card pieces, and another 140 larger black cover stock pieces for misc… looks like I might need more white liner but that can get bought at walmart for 3 bucks so no worries 🙂

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