Convincing My Mom :)

So all through out this wedding planning it seems like I have had to “sell” my ideas on my mom. I’d come up with this incredible must have idea and then I would have to talk it up and talk it up and talk it up some more. Then I’d have to research and find photographic evidence and in some cases make a sample for her to be convinced and fall for my idea as much if not more than I had.

Well from the beginning she was not going for my mix fake and real flowers idea. But I plugged along even when she snubbed her nose at my awesome bridesmaid blooms… and today when i was selecting stems at Micheal’s 40% off fall stems sale, she was not convinced. And I had my first semi bridezilla moment in front of two of my bridesmaids.

I tried to remain calm, and said “Yes, I’m being anal about the flowers but I know what I want for the boutonnières and I am buying these.”

So when i got home I put together a sample Bout minus the fresh mini sunflower (which will be placed in the back) and she was convinced.

sorry for the sideways pic :-/

sorry for the sideways pic :-/

I’m a pretty good floral arranger, no? So I will be trimming my bundles to size and clustering but the wrapping will be saved for once the sunflowers are added… I gotta make at least 20 of these babies….

What did your boutonnières look like? Send pics for inspiration 🙂


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  1. Sebrina, that’s gorgeous! So you’re having a fall themed wedding? Don’t know why your mom wouldn’t be okay with that, ‘cos I think fall has so many wonderful color palette choices! I’m really diggin’ the orange flowers<3

  2. aww thank you! 🙂 I know I just love fall colors and really like the look of the warmer colored flowers over the cooler ones 🙂

  3. My mother rarely saw my vision. She was good at biting her tongue, but when I told her about the Princess Lasertron flowers I ordered, she thought I was going over the edge.

    In the end, I threw a WICKED party and my parents finally saw my vision. Go with your gut, and tell your mom that this is how it’s going, and when the wedding day come, she’ll get it.

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