It Takes A Village…

… to plan a wedding…

or at least every RGVAH volunteer. I’d like to take a moment to thank all the volunteers who have been drinking bottled water on the site… you have made a huge contribution to my wedding. 🙂

I have had the wonderful privilege of volunteering at the site 3 days a week and had observed the large consumptions of bottled water especially with this hot summer. I knew the site has a recycling policy instituted but I didn’t know what the arrangement was. So with a little asking around I met the Cleaning Overseer (on a side note: his wife is a writer and you should definitely check out her books!) and he offered me all the water bottles being used on the site. All the water bottles! (if you don’t remember I’m using these for my recycled chandeliers) We’re taking 100 – 300 (up to 700 starting next month) people on the site everyday drinking water. I already have collected way over 1000 bottles from the site and there is a steady supply here to the end of December. Amazing, right? I just love my spiritual brother and sisters and this amazing united organization that is so generous 🙂

So now we’ve been working on cutting these bottles down to eliminate huge piles of bags in our shed. My mom has been great about cutting the bottoms off and I’m trimming them into flowers.

225 Water Bottle Bottoms

225 Water Bottle Bottoms

That’s what she did tonight while we watched a movie. I owe her so much 🙂

What unexpected help do you get with your wedding?

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