Engagement Photos – Take One

So after Luke gave me my ring Saturday afternoon, we decided we wanted to take some engagement phots. Now these are not our official photos b/c I’ve seen too much wedding porn that I want some of those amazing shots like Max Wanger‘s stuff…

But I think these came out pretty good for being quick snapshots and edited by yours truly. Photoshop is a miracle worker!


{source – FFIL}

We were going for a Abbey Road look and I just love how Luke looks all mopey like a little boy in this pic… lol…


{source: Yours Truly}

For being taken in the classic myspace “point the camera at myself” manner, this is definitely one of my faves. Our expressions are truly us 🙂


{source: FFIL}

I love Luke’s smile in this one and how he looped his fingers in the bow on the back of my dress…


{source – Mi Madre}

Not trying to be narcissistic here but aren’t we just adorable? 🙂


{source – FFIL}

Not so sure about this one :-/ lol


{source -Yours Truly}

Magnum Baby!


{source – FFIL}

I love this one! It’s like our own American Gothic.

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