DIY Headed Your Way

So I have an amazing DIY project in the works… in addition to all my others… you know we already have around 300 water bottle collected and I’m a 1/3 of the way done with the favors… gonna get started on the invites in september and the save the dates are printed and waiting to be sent out in September as well…

But back to the topic at hand… I’ve been inspired by this beauty…



… and classic bride’s DIY Contest to get started on my place card box. Bought all the supplies tonight so await details later in the week 🙂

Speaking of which, did I ever tell ya’ll about my place cards? I’m making poladroids of each guest. When they rsvp they will also send me a photo of themselves to be used. Something like this…


… except with their name and Table # written on the bottom. Plus these will all be free by using my ArtsCow print credits. 🙂

And have I shown you my Table # idea? I’m using printed flickr photos of various numbers for each table. Now I just need to find my stands.

Picture 2


I’ve been pretty busy in blogging absense, i know… but I’m trying to get back into the blogging swing now that I’m home again… well nighty night folks! I have work tomorrow 🙂 (I’m an actual Graphic Designer with a Sign Company now!)

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