Dress Update

Confession: I was having apprehensions about my dress :-/ Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it! It’s just I never wanted a strapless/backless dress. And I have valid reasons…

You see I am very lucky… I rarely ever get breakouts on my face. However when I am stressed I do breakout on my back. This had lead to a very scarred back… not a big deal… it’s easily hideable. But w/ a strapless dress it’s not.

My mom suggested I just wear my hair down and a long veil. That would work but it’s gonna be really hot and I’m thinking of pulling my hair up into something like this…


And besides, I’d want to take the veil off after the ceremony. So I was discussing this with my mom and we decided we should just go ahead and make a pretty bolero jacket just to cover my back. After doing a little research I found some pics we will base our design on.


We even thouht it would look cool to have the lace appliques be in black. That will had the dramtic pop to my dress I’ve always wanted. And to tie it all together I would wrap a black sash around the waist of my dress that will look something like this 🙂


As a refresher, this is what my dress looks like 😀


Do you think it will all pull together nicely?

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