The $40 Date Night Challenge

So the new e-magazine Utterly Engaged is hosting a $40 Date Night Challenge. All you have to do is send them an email explaining your creative idea for a $40 dollar date night. And the winner will have Utterly Engaged foot their date bill. How sweet is that?

As much as I love the simple renting a movie and cuddling on the couch, I decided to get a little creative with my entry. Here’s what I wrote…

My honey and I are planning a weekend trip to Corpus Christi, TX in August with some friends. Since we both are still in college and trying to save everything we make for our wedding and future, cheap date nights is the norm for us. So after doing a little research I came up with an incredibly fun date night for us on one of our days in CC.

We’d start the evening off by going to the City Diner and Oyster Bar. It’s known for it’s mixed reviews but let me tell you it’s delicious. Most people who don’t like are not “Diner People” but this place drips with All-American charm. It’s covered with 1950’s motif and has that off the highway nostalgic feel of places from the past. And with amazing burgers under $7 bucks a pop, it’s the perfect place get by on around $22 for a couple.

Then we’d hit up the local dollar store for a couple boxes of candy like runts and gobstoppers.

Toting those with us to Galaxy Glow Mini Golf. It’s an indoor black light miniature golf course with 18-holes. It provides a unique fun experience for only $7 a person.

I’m already so excited just thinking about our little date night. It’s definitely going on the agenda for one of the nights. 🙂

Dinner: $22
Dessert: $2
Mini Golf: $14
a $38 date night

And no lie, we so will be doing this at the end of August. I can’t wait 🙂 (pisst… that’s suppose be when I actually get my ring… eeeeeeeeehhhh)

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