My Amazing Dress Steals!

So I have bought two of my girls bridesmaid’s dresses.

The first one I found a couple months ago ebay. It’s an Isaac Mizrahi dress in like new condition and I won it for $20.25 w/ S&H. We are planning to add a white lace band to the waist for Bridesmaid V.


Last wednesday, I went dress shopping with my MOH for the only time we’d get to. And she found a dress she loved at David’s Bridal. It retailed for $135 which wasn’t bad, but I knew I could do better. So I came home and punched the style number (83475) into ebay and their was only one listing. But it just happened to be the exact color and size we needed. So I stauked it for the last week and won it for $20.69 w/ S&H. It was owned by a bridesmaid who only wore it for 3 hrs and says its in prestine condition. Can’t wait to get it in.


I’m so excited that we’ve gotten the first 2 for so cheap, I’m making them my bridesmaid gifts to the girls. Now I just have to find the other 2, although I should ask the girls first. 🙂

Remaining Budget: $4,394.46

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  1. Holy crap, great finds! You continue to amaze me!!!

  2. Thanks! My MOH’s dress came in today so I’m going over tomorrow to check it out 🙂

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