So I’ve decided that I want some of our engagement photos shot in a playground… it so my personality… I took these last week… while out with my roommate and best friend’s brother (they are not an actual couple)…

SDC11521 copy

SDC11524 copy

SDC11554 copy

SDC11569 copy

SDC11571 copy

Last night was also our friend Matt’s 21st birthday so the gang got together for his first drink 🙂 Thought these pics were so cute since we have all been friends since were like 7.

SDC11628 copy

SDC11639 copy


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  1. I think we’re going to a playground too. I love to swing and would love to be able to incorporate it somehow! Plus, it’s just a fun place to be!

  2. great price! Don’t forget to let people know to vote for your inspiration board! Good luck!

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