Recycled Chandelier


Saw this on Joy’s Plan for Our Wedding and fell in love. I alone go through a 24-case of water a week. And I’m asking all my friends to start saving to. So far I have 16! I need a lot more but I just have to make these.

If I can save at least 30 bottle a week of the next 45 weeks… I will have 1350 flowers. I think I’ll need more. If anyone wants to help me save bottles, please email me. I would be so appreciative 🙂

I’m going to use fishing line to attach them and then use led hanging bulbs (like the ones for paper lanterns) to illuminate them.


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  1. wow this is one awesome chandelier. I think that it will be might tiresome to put together, though. If you want, I will collect some for you. I, myself, don’t use plastic bottles. it’s like my part for the environment. I use these great aluminum bottles that were first my dad’s before he passed away. might you consider them after your project is over? my sister thinks nothing of it and goes through plastic bottles like crazy, so i can save the bottoms of those for you.

  2. wow! thanks I’ll email you. Oh and I totally get the whole aluminum bottle thing. I actually have several. But where I live, you can’t drink from the tap. I’m used to this, but at my home in Texas we have these things called windmill water stations where they purify the water and then you can refill your jugs with it. They don’t do that in New England so I’m stuck w/ the bottles now. After this project though, I will definitely go back to the aluminum though, better for the enviroment and a lot cheaper.

  3. I saw this idea on a DIY blog and I love the look. However, I’m not brave enough to attempt this project. The cutting would worry me to pieces. Not to mention that I’m sure the plastic would cut my hands up pretty bad. How are you planning on doing it?

  4. I’m using a box cutter and scissors to cut them out then I’m basically gonna make a beaded curtain using fishing line… it will be time consuming… but I love the results…

  5. […] used on the site. All the water bottles! (if you don’t remember I’m using these for my recycled chandeliers) We’re taking 100 – 300 (up to 700 starting next month) people on the site everyday […]

  6. Hey Mismikado!! I am so excited your planning on making something with this too!!! i can’t wait to see how yours turn out, I am taking all the purple “bottom bottles” flowers with me to CA, I’m hoping Mr. Poodle has enough to pull this off, if not I’ll be drinking water like a crazy woman hehe

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